The Evolution of whats calamari

I don’t know exactly what calamari is, but I think I know what it is because I live for the stuff I eat. It may be my favorite meal of the day.

Well, the name is just a coincidence. The name calamari is a portmanteau of calamari, a kind of fish, and the Italian word for “tranquility.” The Italians didn’t invent the calamari, and neither did the Spaniards. But the Italians made it, and the Spaniards ate it. In Spain, calamari is a popular dish made of fish cooked in olive oil and vinegar.

It is a very popular dish, and calamari is one of the most popular fish that is eaten throughout the world. A lot of this is because the Italians are so into fish, hence the name. But the Italians have the biggest influence on calamari, and that has its own unique flavor. The Italians perfected it so much that they named it “colloq” which means “collation” in Italian.

The Italians are also a very creative and inventive people, we love them for that. Their dish was first made by the Romans, and they perfected it so much that it is now a dish of global fame due to it’s popularity in Europe. It’s a dish made from fish cooked in vinegar and olive oil.

It’s said that calamari was invented by a fisherman in Sicily, but the Italians were the first to include it in their own dishes. In fact, it was their dish that gave them the reputation as the “richer” people of the world, and the reason they are so popular in Europe. But the Italians didn’t invent calamari. The name came over from the Italian word for “collation.

I’m not saying that Italian cuisine is the best in the world. I’m just saying that it is the most widely-known and widely-ingested. What’s so special about calamari, though, is that it is one of the most versatile dishes in the world. It can be a main course, a side dish, a garnish, a sauce, a dressing, or an appetizer.

The thing is, however, that the Italians do not have an official name for this delicious dish. But they do have an official cuisine that is known as “culinary Italian.” So if you are a foodie, you should definitely check out their cuisine. But if you are a foodie and a person who likes to eat Italian, you should definitely check out the Italians. And if you are a person who likes to eat Italian, then you should definitely check out the Italians.

Well, at least we can all agree on what food they love. So if you have a problem with the fact that the Italians are known for a dish that is considered one of the main dishes of the Italian kitchen (and that is the calamari), then you should probably look elsewhere. It is, in fact, a dish that the Italians consider to be part of their cuisine, and it is considered a dish that is considered one of the main dishes of the Italian kitchen.

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