A Productive Rant About origin of flan

It all started with a family friend telling my brother and I to eat it, so he made it for us.

It was a flan that was originally developed by a Japanese company in the 1980s. Before that, a German company developed red bean and wheat flan. The Germans developed it because they felt that the red bean flavor was too strong and the wheat flavor too weak. So after a few years of development, the German company came up with a new version that was light, but strong. The Japanese company came up with the flan concept because they felt the red bean flavor wasn’t strong enough.

Flan is that old German term for a cake that contains a cream filling that is served with a white sauce. It’s a very well-known dessert, and flan is one of those things you can find in Japan (and also in the United States). Flan is a very popular dessert in Japan, but it’s not very popular here in the States. The reason is that America has a very distinctive flan flavor.

Its not that flan isnt popular in the States either, its just that the flan of the United States isnt as strong as its flan of Japan. The flan of Japan is a lot richer and a lot creamier. America has a lot of butter. It tastes sort of like a white cream with sugar and vanilla. It’s much more like a rich, creamy, rich, wonderful flan.

The difference between flan and ice cream is that the former is made of cream (or other dairy product) and the latter is made of sugar. The flavor differences are mostly due to the sugar content and the sugar’s effect on certain enzymes in the digestive system of the body. All that said, we are going to be making flan from scratch, using our own eggs and pure vanilla extract, as well as a little bit of chocolate.

I’m not sure what to make of this.

I have no idea what “flan” is, but I don’t doubt that we are going to be making a flan, so I’ll take my chances and just assume it’s some kind of sugar-based flavor.

No, it’s not that. We are making a flan from scratch. We are not making vanilla flan. We are not making sugar flan. We are making vanilla flan.

So we finally got that right. We are making vanilla flan. We are essentially cooking our own flan using our own eggs. We are going to be using the same basic process as we do when making other recipes in our kitchen, but using the exact same ingredients.

That is so cool. You can do it all by yourself. I also think most of us are pretty lazy when it comes to the kitchen. A few years ago I was cooking home-style with a friend who was a cook and we just sat down to eat while his dishwasher was being run on the power. I’m so, so lazy. I don’t know how to make it. I don’t know which way to go.

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