fricando: Expectations vs. Reality

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this question by folks who want to know why I’m eating this or that.

The answer is that I am a very fickle eater. When I eat, I am eating. When I don’t eat, I am not eating. This is why I am always so good at cooking. I’ve been cooking for a long time. One of the best things in my cooking is my ability to cook without using a recipe that someone else has already tried.

When I think of fricando, I think of things that I don’t really care for, but I just don’t have the energy to say “no.” Like a frico or a frittata, or a lasagna or a mac and cheese or pizza. Fricando is just a way of making something without thinking about it. It’s a little bit of an Italian word.

A fricando is a food that is prepared, usually using a recipe, and then eaten from a fork. It takes a bit longer to prepare than you would think. It requires some planning, which could be a good thing, depending on how you want to serve it. It can also be a little messy. So if you want to eat something fresh, you need to plan ahead. If you want to eat something that has been sitting around, you need to plan ahead.

I remember fricando as a very simple thing, like a cheese sandwich or a salad. In our apartment, we get a lot of fricando. We use it to make spaghetti sauce to put it in or to add to sandwiches. It’s great to eat out of a bowl, or to eat on the go. The key with fricando is to take the most time and effort to prepare it.

However, it’s not like the last time I tried it, or the last time I ate it, fricando was pretty easy. The key is to plan and be prepared.

fricando is the Italian word for to bite or to cut. It’s what makes things bite-sized. You can take a sandwich, cut off the bit with a kitchen knife, and put the rest of the sandwich on the bottom of your bowl. Or you can take a sandwich, remove the top half of it (or the center of the sandwich, depending on how big it is) with a knife, and put the rest of the sandwich on the bottom of your bowl.

A fricando is the most common of all bite-sized items, but you can also use it on pizza and a slice of bread. Or you can cut the entire thing in half. Once you have the half, you can use it to scoop a drink. Or you can use it to place a sandwich on your plate. Or you can use it to place a sandwich on your table.

The game’s rules are designed to make sure players have a good time. When a player is not happy with their current situation, they will take a “hut” from the player’s side and then go back to their own side. In addition to removing the top half of the plate, you have to remove the center of the sandwich, which usually gets removed from the bottom of the plate.

It’s a little like a game of Scrabble with a table full of mismatched tiles. The players will use the two sticks that the game board has as a distraction to try and keep from getting too excited about what they’re doing.

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