como se dice bacalao en inglés

The Spanish word “bacalao” is a combination of “ba” (meat) and “al” (boil) which is an English translation of the word “bacalao”. This is a simple dish, a simple and rich meat dish, which is usually served as a main dish.

The word bacalao is also the name of the dish that consists of meat marinated in tomato sauce and other ingredients and then cooked in a earthenware pot. It is often served for a meal.

Although it’s not a dish with a lot of Spanish influence, bacalao seems to have a lot of influence on german cuisine. It’s the best known dish in Germany and is also the most common name for a dish.

A lot of people assume that bacalao was invented as a dish for the Spanish-speaking world. That’s not entirely true.

I think the first place that bacalao would come in contact with Spanish food would be Spain, since the dish’s origin is likely to have been Italian. However, it seems as though the dish has a lot of influence in german cuisine, such as the fact that Spanish food can often be served with a plate of bacalao. The dish is often associated with a lot of rich, spicy foods, such as meat, fish, and vegetables.

When I think about the Spanish cuisine of the past, it seems like a very large part of my life has been spent as guests at the wedding of the most famous Spanish chef, José de Catalunya. I would never dream of having to spend time with him, but he deserves a place in my life. He would probably be the most memorable guest in my life.

The first time I sat next to him in the kitchen at his restaurant, he was cooking a bacalao. I took a bite and said, “Wow, that is so good,” and he said, “What do you mean? My son, he was so scared of that dish, he said, ‘I don’t want to touch it.’” I was shocked.

When I ate at his restaurant I was just as surprised to find out that he had a son, who was a chef at the other restaurant. I was shocked, because I always thought my son was the opposite of his son, who was a chef at the other restaurant. But then again, I have never been a chef.

Well, the way you say it makes me think of something you said to me once about your father. You said he was a bad cook. I asked you how bad he was. You said he was a “bad cook.

As we all know, the Spanish language has a complicated history and, like most languages, it’s constantly being redefined by the culture it’s spoken in. But to be honest, there’s just no way to separate the fact that it’s a complicated language from the fact that it’s spoken by people who are, well, just plain weird.

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